Operation Rock the Troops

'Operation Rock The Troops' presents 3 Shows in 1 Night!


We will also be handing out 4 In Light Medical Light Therapy Medical Devices to Veterans suffering from PTSD/TBI. Special thanks to Marsh and McLennan for their donation to help make this possible, Shaun Raggle and Team, you rock!

5:30p to 7p - Season 2 of 'Patriot Rock Radio' begins with our live broadcast series episode 1 live on stage. It features Veteran Steve Gern and Matthew JC, and our special musical guest will be the JC ALLSTARS.

You can tune in live anywhere in the world at www.kvgiradio.com or simply download the KVGIRADIO app, and your set to listen!

7:30p - The Documentary Movie Premiere of 'The Truth About Touring'.

**PLEASE NOTE** When the movie airs on the TVs, we are asking everyone to watch the movie as if in a movie theater, and food/drinks are available the whole night to make this a special event.

Two Years of touring around the world and 3 tours in the US to promote the movie and healing through the 2 Emmy Nominated Documentary, LIGHT UP TO LIVE which features 5 Veterans on their road to recovery from TBI/PTSD through the power of light. www.inlightmedical.com

You will see the ORT team directly take the task, leave their families and take the movie, with a clear mission, purpose, focus on delivering the message of non-drug related solutions to help battle Veteran Suicide and give Veterans and their families a better quality of life.

9:30p to 11p
JC ALLSTARS will perform a full rock show live on stage!
Come meet the band before and after the show!

100% of what we raise in donations this night will go to purchasing IN LIGHT MEDICAL systems to give to our Veterans for FREE! To find out about the Light Therapy Medical System that is helping so many veterans, please go to www.inlightmedical.com

Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 5:30p